Learn with Leanne

A Blue Mountains driving school offering calm, supportive instruction

0404 861 850

A NSW driver’s licence is a passport to the world. With it, you can go almost anywhere, here or overseas.

To earn one you need to understand the rules of the road, both in theory and practice. You need to learn awareness of other drivers and road users. And you need to learn how cars behave in the real world — in traffic, on hills, in parking lots.

You can learn these things with relatives. As long as they’re up with all the changes to the road code, and are good drivers themselves, and are not too nervous. Hmm.

Much better to learn with Leanne Westaway. Leanne is calm, supportive and knowledgeable. She can help you grow in confidence at your own pace. She knows the best spots in which to learn safely as your level of skill grows.

Leanne is a fully trained instructor, who can teach you to drive either manual or automatic cars.

If you live in the Blue Mountains or Penrith, and want to prepare for your NSW driver’s licence, call or text Leanne Westaway on 0404 861 850.

And learn with Leanne.